Things 12-23 Catch-up!


12-13 Presentation and sharing tools. I’m aware of and have used some in previous jobs but currently at this stage in my research have no use for them.

14-15 Being an early stage researcher without publications these Things seemed less relevant to me, but none the less, useful to know about for the future…

17 Crowdsourcing isn’t relevant to my research…although could be put to use if my home-brewing ever scales up 😉

18-20 I am familiar with many of these tools. Google drive/docs/sheets/classroom were all part of my daily routine in Education and work very effectively. I’ve used Doodle many times for scheduling events. With regard to cloud storage, I still use Dropbox but primarily use MEGA these days as it offers a greater free storage capacity and works well syncing across all platforms.

21-22 I shall look into Research Professional and Euraxess, both of which I was unaware of. And the website…well definitely something I would like to develop at some point in the future, when I have more to populate one with!

23 Overall. I think this has been a really useful course! Although some of the Things haven’t been of relevance at this early stage, I can see the importance of them and it’s great to already have an awareness of them. It’s been a really good motivation to create and (falteringly) maintain this blog and explore some of the other digital means of communication and networking. Thank you!

Things 9-11

On much more familiar ground this week! As a long time listener and subscriber to podcasts I believe they are hugely useful in my field to gain awareness of developments across a multitude of musical styles.

I’ve been aware of FutureLearn for some time and am impressed with the range of courses on offer. From what I’ve seen, most seem to be targeted at an introductory level and are therefore perhaps best suited to expanding knowledge into new areas.

I don’t feel the need to create a Flickr account at this point in time but I can see that as my research develops it may prove useful in the future.

Things 7&8

Both reference management and CC are new to me. I was drawn to Mendeley as it had a designated app and currently most of the papers I’ve read are on my iPad. It was really useful to be able to sync these together in one place along with items on my laptop. I was looking forward to trying the citation plugin to create a reference list but unfortunately I don’t have a compatible version of Microsoft Word on my laptop😐

It was useful to find out about the different levels of copyright. At this point I don’t have anything published on the Internet but it’s given me something to think to about for the future.

Having wasted time scrolling through many photographs on Flickr, only to find them all rights reserved, I discovered the CC search engine which proved fantastically useful:

This is a free picture released under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic. Feel free to use and share this picture but please give me credit linking my website or my Flickr account. More info about me on If you like my pictures please like my Facebook page ( or follow me on Twitter ( and Instagram ( Thanks!

Things 4,5 and 6

Catching up with myself a little….

Well, as expected and more than little by design, I’m fairly incognito online – just one image of me conducting is about all that came up in a Google search. However, upon creating a LinkedIn profile I found it kinda spooky how it managed to dig up all manner of ghosts from my past!

I’ve also created both Twitter and accounts but haven’t found much of real value there yet. I will need to spend more time developing how I use these over time.

Thing 1

Social Media – always sounded like something undesirable you might catch…and it’s clearly contagious. Emerging from the primordial forest it’s time to look up to the sky. I’m still unsure where this might go yet but the potential is there to share aspects of my work, bring together and comment on things of interest and create networks.

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